Supply Chain Quick Check is a tool for risk management which aims to support decision making processes in a fast and reliable manner based on little input. The tool provides a free of charge and quick alternative to existing solutions for risk management. The Quick Check is based on the idea that the main sources of risks across the supply chains include environmental, industry and firm level factors. Thus, it is composed of three modules:

  • Module 1: Environmental Risks encompass risks types with impact across industries and it refers to political uncertainty, natural catastrophes, and general macro-economic situation, social and infrastructural factors.
  • Module 2: Industry Level Risks comprise risks types which affect industries as a whole and can refer to uncertainties related to raw materials acquisition, demand fluctuations and general customer retention rates in the industry and uncertainty surrounding competition.
  • Module 3: Firm Level Risks include risks specific to individual firms such as operations, IT and cyber security and transportation chains.


The Supply Chain Quick Check can provide small and medium sized enterprises with valuable information to assess and address the risk in their supply chains. The information gathered and provided in the tool can also provide valuable insights to other stakeholders, such as  Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) as well as to researchers and students.

  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – Provide transparency over supply chain risk, uses as basis for discussion and formulate ideas for tailored recommendations for risk mitigation measure.
  • Logistics Service Providers – Understand risk situation of customer and become strategic partner in the evolution of your customers’ supply chain management.
  • Researchers and Students – Provide database and/or methodology to access risk information, understand SC risks for companies and prepare for interviews.