Companies are confronted with a large variety of risks along their supply chains. Disruptions can affect multiple supply chain actors and often lead to high costs and loss of sales. The large diversity of complex and global risks requires an efficient risk evaluation tool. With our online tool Quick Check companies can evaluate different types of risks. The efficient risk identification facilitates targeted risk prevention measures. You can analyze company-specific risks as well as industry-wide and environmental risks along the supply chain. The tool is designed for large companies as well as small and medium sized companies who want to evaluate their current and potential locations and supply chains. Also logistics service providers can derive relevant information to improve their services. The Quick Check was developed by the Jacobs University Bremen und supported by the Funk Foundation.
Jacobs University Bremen also published a report on supply chain risk management. The report was also supported by the Funk Foundation and can be downloaded here:

All your data input is confidential because the data is stored locally at your own space. Therefore, you need to save intermediate results.

Yes, the Quick Check is free of charge for all users. The evaluation and recommendations can be downloaded for free, too.

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